How do you eat an elephant?

One bit at a time silly.

How many of you have an elephant in your life?  Maybe it is in your career?  Or is it a big project, a career change, or something as simple as that next networking meeting you are supposed to go to.  For me, it is almost always the later.  I am someone who has horrible social anxiety, I mean BAD.  I have sat in a parking lot at an event that looked like it might have had “too many” people and turned around and left back for home, my safe zone.  I have been stuck against a wall trying to stay out of the way, and not being able to move.  If you ask people though, I think many would say I am rather social…. Is it all just smoke and mirrors?  Nope, I just think of it as that elephant.  The mistake a lot of people make is thinking they must go into a networking event like the center of attention, and the fear of that expectation can be paralyzing.  Or they try to work a room to “meet” as many people as possible.  The problem with that is that most cannot remember everyone they met, or they end up not making connections because they tried to do too much.

So, what do you do?  How do you eat that elephant?  I tell people, especially when coaching my clients, make a goal of meeting two to three people that you can introduce yourself to, have a genuine beneficial conversation, get contact information, and plan to follow up with a one on one meeting soon.  This is the type of networking that will be meaningful and help build needed and desired business, and maybe personal, relationships.  People want to know about you, who you are, what it is you do, and why.  The last thing they want to do it walk away from the event with a stack of business cards of people they will not remember.

Next time you get ready to go to that event and you start to feel anxious, just remember… take small bites.


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