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4MELISSA KNOTT brings more than 18 years’ experience in sales, marketing and working with nonprofits. With a MA degree in Business Management and a BA in Social Service and Family Studies, she brings a unique blend of talents to her work.   She prides herself on using creativity and unique community partners to bring awareness to a diverse number of causes. Her work expands to such important causes as domestic violence, sexual assault, children’s mental and behavioral health, cancer, and working with seniors.  Her passion for people has led her to create opportunities that empower women and help them live their best life.

When not working, Melissa is a devoted mother of three daughters; who have followed in her footsteps of being dynamic, socially conscientious members of the community.  She spends her free time supporting their endeavors, reading, running, and drinking an occasional glass of wine.


CALLIE KLEIN has lived in the Wenatch68746821_10220369726101070_4753244640105201664_nee valley for over 30 years.  She obtained her BA in Sociology from WSU, and completed her MBA is 2018. She has a background in Healthcare Administration, Insurance and Marketing.  Currently, Callie is the Association Executive of a local REALTOR association where she is able to utilize her time and talents. Callie also puts a lot back into the Wenatchee Valley  through her work with Women’s Service League of NCW,  and many more organizations.

When she is not working or volunteering… let’s be honest she is always doing these things.  She has a loving husband, Rich and a pretty cool daughter, Sadie.  While Callie may not drink wine very often, she is always up for a cup of coffee!

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